One of my perenial problems since 27 years is lack of articulation. I might have pretty good ideas on a topic or thoughts of expression–surprise, happiness, consolation, but I cannot articulate it in the best possible way. Things make sense in my head, but do not make sense when they are expressed.

Prof Girish was patient throughout my masters to listen to my ‘fragmented’ thoughts. However, as begin the academic journey, incoherency is not something I can dodge; I wish to be coherent and fluent in my expression – OR – I do not wish my listeners, readers, and my friend to do a lot of work in decoding me. He suggested to apply the Ben Frank Method of teaching oneself to write elegantly and expressively /1 /1 Summary of the method is 1) Read an article. 2) Write short hints about each sentence (you could also outline the piece) and set it aside for awhile. 3) Rewrite the article in his own words. 4) Compare with the original. 5) Revise and improve your essay. .

This section of the website is a record of my implementation of the method. This should help me, progressively to understand the essence /2, /2 If there is any essence to writing. Is it a Deleuzian machine? understand different styles, roughly get an idea about variation in styles with region, time, genres, and so forth, organise my thoughts, prevent me from being reductive and express it elegantly. Each post of this section contains the URL to article that I am deconstructing followed the background/summary of the article; then starts my version of the same. It ends with reflections on the piece and my version. I realised, it takes about a week to complete a 3 page essay.

A friendly disclaimer: this section of the website is used as a writing practice, the articles are duly credited. The posts here do not attempt to discredit/counter/contest the original article.

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