I am Malay Dhamelia /1 1/ This section is about me, colophon of the site can be found here and my tech stack, work flow and my respects to my machines can be found here . I like cats 😼 and brutalist designs.

I am a PhD student at IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay. I study games and play, specifically the design aspects of them, more specifically designing for aesthetics of play and games.

Domain of operation
Research interest

I consider fun as a fruit growing in a region called games. Humans and other species survive on that fruit. I study what are the conditions offered by games (the region) so fun can emerge, sustain and fade off. In addition, I study what are the effects of fun on humans once they devour that fruit.

Before this academic adventure, I worked at Tata Research Design and Development Centre (TRDDC) as a Research Associate at the Behavioural and Business Sciences division /2 2/ To know more about what I have done, please refer to my CV here . Since, this is not a resume, I can be a bit liberal about describing myself.

I like, in no specific order

To know what I am doing presently and what phase of life I am in, please visit the NOW page /3 3/ Now pages are essentially real-time about pages. Derek Sivers started this concept of having a now page to see what a person is interested in at this point in their life. The now pages are listed on nownownow . I am just trying this for the first time.

Apart from writing here, some posts are interported from lalalala.in and IDC+Research as I write for both.

In games design and games design theory, I prefer lost garden, Adrian Hon’s blog, Jesper Juul’s ludologist

On the web, I really dig views of Gwern Brawnen, posts from ribbonfarm. My initiation to research was done through lessWrong.