Now no.1

It makes sense to have a now page. Earlier I used to have disclaimer in the About section of the site stating that the page has slower updates than happenings of life. Unless updates, this page is what I am doing. For the About website, please have a look at the colophon

Today is 20th July, 2020.

Yesterday marked the completion of four months of staying in. After IITB asked students to evacuate the campus, I returned to my place in Rajkot, Gujarat. Yesterday I went for a run, hesitantly, and it was the 9th time I had gone out of home in four months.

I have been keeping journal on Notion, will publish here soon.

At the moment, I am swamped in work /1 1/ Was trying to find a good database for finding relevant euphemisms and idioms. Know any? . Majorly finishing my academic writing on fun, boredom, and games. My academics depend heavily on me reading design philosophies and theories of design. Been steering a away from gamey things; only started reading Sutton-Smith, Suits and the like after first week of July. During the lockdown, I started a few projects on my own and collaborating with people. They are listed as follows:

  • Bots
    • Amabie bot
    • Nostalgia bot
  • Lock Down Study
  • Classification of art
  • Three games on emotional learning
  • IDC research Club
  • A course on archaeology of games
  • Online corpus of Gujarati idioms, sayings and vernacular taunts!