Resources to hack the research workflow

Added python script to highlight pdf annotations
Added Zettelkasten based foam-bubble
Added Tiddlywiki 
14-Mar-2020: status as defunct. 
Twitter acquired
Made the list

The list contains a free softwares that aids in conducting research systematically. I believe that a document once read, a video once watched should be documented and stored systematically. Since consuming a stimulating piece of writing forms multiple connections in a researcher’s head, the storage system should not only store the documents and it’s whereabouts, but also should store the connections it has once formed. Finally, while re-visiting those videos, it should not consume the same amount time. The following list contains free (majorly) and some free-mium tools to do above things. It is not a pipeline where one software connects others, but different softwares should serve different purposes of a researcher.

In case you want to contribute to the list, let me to by email.

List of research tools (made in Notion)